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Our Services

Liability Medicare MSP Analysis

  • A thorough case by case analysis for Medicare Secondary Payer Act (MSP) compliance.
  • A full review of the facts to determine whether a MSA is recommended.
  • Make certain any MSA allocation amount is accurate and reflective of the injured party’s future needs

Liability Medicare Allocation Reports (LMSA) And Revision of LMSA reports

  • An estimate of future Medicare covered services related to a lawsuit injury based upon an in depth review of the applicable medicals and prescriptions and the injured party’s life expectancy.
  • A projection is made as to the anticipated expenses for the injury related services only (not pre-existing injuries) based upon the applicable medical reimbursement fee schedule. This provides knowledge of the number to obtain and set aside; a negotiation tool to maximize settlements; as well as the ability to comply with the MSP act and to close a case with peace of mind.
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Full Medical Cost Projections (MCP)

  • A MCP report provides an affordable, low cost alternative to a life care plan.
  • The MCP report provides an attorney work product of the anticipated projection on all future medicals (Both Medicare and Non-Medicare related services).
  • Enables the attorney to objectively demonstrate through a report (not your yellow pad numbers) a defendant’s exposure on future medical damages to maximize your settlements.
  • An MCP report can, and has been used successfully on all size cases.

Review and Analysis of Defendant’s LMSA/WCMSA report

  • Saber Solutions can review and provide details as to the sufficiency and accuracy of a Defendant’s MSA report that is being forced upon the plaintiff.

Voluntary Submission to CMS

  • There is currently no requirement to submit an MSA to Medicare/CMS.
  • If, however, the parties agree to submission to CMS as a term of settlement or the plaintiff wishes to submit, Saber Solutions can prepare, submit to and track from CMS to provide CMS’s response so that you can confidently close your file.

WCMSA for Plaintiff Workers Compensation Parties Only

  • When a workers compensation case is being settled in full and final, don’t let the WC defense carrier dictate the final medical numbers with their WCMSA expert reports.
  • Saber Solutions can provide a WCMSA or a Non-Medicare Medical Allocation report so the injured party and his Workers Compensation attorney can identify what is missing and settle for an accurate and complete medical value increasing your client and firm’s recovery.
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Medicare Secondary Compliance Best Practice Plaintiff Law Firm Continuing Education and Implementation

  • Saber Solutions along with their affiliates provide a Best Practice for Compliance with the MSP act for the plaintiff bar.
  • Assist in implementing a compliance program with the law firm’s attorneys and staff to help to identify cases early on so that Saber Solution’s reports can be used proactively as a sword on cases that require future treatment and Medicare compliance. This can also protect the firm in instances where a non-compliant client fails to follow through protecting Medicare’s future interests.

MSA Professional Administration

  • Saber Solutions affiliate partner, Ametros/Careguard, is the premiere MSA Professional Administration company to ensure that the Best Practices of Protecting Medicare’s future interests continue for the life of the injured party.
  • Professional Administration makes the post settlement process seamless by managing the injured party’s future medical funds.
  • The client not only saves money on doctor visits, prescriptions and medical equipment but also will have a Careguard advocate coordinating their future care.
  • Careguard will handle all medical bills and all necessary communication and reporting with Medicare.
Saber Solutions is dedicated to delivering comprehensive MSP consultative services to analyze the facts of your case and offer MSP compliance solutions to the Plaintiff bar and their injured clients.